Trials of running a marketing company 2

19th September 2014

System Restore….

Okay so computer problems still persist….. No choice but to restore the laptop to a previous version.  Now I about it there does seem to be a correlation of the problems appearing after installing the latest Windows update, it did take forever which is usually a sign that something is afoot!

Set up to restore to before the update…. Oh no! Now we have thunder and lightning… phew the battery has enough charge to see it through the system restore.  That was a hairy moment, I could just see it crashing the whole system and that would be it, computer frazzled!

All done and seems to be working fine now, yes I can access Google Chrome, my Dropbox and everything.  All systems go….

Call from my business partner on Skype and guess what? Unable to answer on the laptop so we have a conversation with no screen share. Just pants.  What a week.

Good note – I have just sent our PR campaign report for a client in Ireland.  A week campaign that saw his press release published all over the industry press online as well as included in a National newsletter.  Some great engagement built on social as well as relationships started. Sounds like he is impressed and wants to use us for more work coming up.  Such a nice feeling to achieve a client’s goal.

Next on the ‘to do list’ (Karen you are a star and keep me so organised) is a client marketing strategy for the next 3 months.   Immediately we notice a huge problem with their sales funnel – it has a great big stopper half way down that is not going to help with selling anything no matter how good the marketing plan is.  Also they have no analytics installed anywhere, not sure how they were able to tell where people are coming from and what is working.

Never mind – Invincipeople to the rescue.

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