Really… you mean send by post??

Enquiries and snail mail.

One of the joys of working in marketing is the array of businesses you get to know all about, I feel I could hold some intelligent and knowledgeable conversations at dinner parties now on a range of subjects from Thermal imaging to Employment law.  New enquiries heighten my sense of curiosity and being able to delve into the inner workings of a company and see how they run things gives me great insight in how to make the most of my own business.

Constantly learning brings such freshness to your campaigns too, discovering a new tool is one of those exciting moments, I love to click on every option available and see just what can be achieved. Then when you realise it can only do half of what you would like it to do you have a sense of disappointment, do the founders not realise that their tool could be so much better?  Have you noticed that the ‘all in one’ tools are never able to the individual things as well as one tool designed specifically for the job?  So I guess this leads me on to….Send by post?

A quick rant….Running a paper free business and working from home I feel I do my bit with regards to reducing carbon emissions so why do people still insist on having paper copies of documents being sent to them by snail mail?  I have even resisted replacing the broken printer/copier/scanner in favour of photographing documents and sending by email if a paper copy has arrived in the post.  Echosign is fantastic for getting contracts and proposals electronically signed off.  Oh well, looks like I am off to the post box – at least I can multi task and walk the dog at the same time…


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