Trials of running a marketing company – Percentages….

Slight delay with the latest update to my blog – stinking cold and it has spread throughout the household – need a ‘beware, infected’ sign on the door.  However business as usual and we have a client launch of their clothing range this week so no time to feel sorry for ourselves.  We have been generating signups for the VIP launch and have a healthy double opt in list ready to receive priority access and discount to the site.

I seem to have a head whirling with percentages and conversions at the moment.  From the stacks of promotion online we have been able to see a very healthy 23.6% sign up rate.  Now to turn these into sales.  The email has been tweaked, tested and examined – the website tested, tweaked and tested again.  Right we are ready to launch. 

At midnight the email goes out and by 10 am this morning we already have an open rate of 35.4% and click through rate of 16.5% – not bad considering the retail industry average is 16% and 2% respectively.Email open rates

Feeling pretty proud of ourselves at this early stage of launch and for once the tech has not let us down.

Being involved in the local promotion of digital services in Dorset we decided to book to go along to a local Women in business conference on Friday.  It will be great to spend some time out of the office and I cannot wait…well I thought so until I receive an email – Hi Miranda, great to see you are attending the conference on Friday, I wondered if you would mind being interviewed as one of our local digital gurus for a short film?  Sounds like a great opportunity but why do these things always happen when you have a full blown cold?  Never when you have just had your hair and nails done, look great and feel great.  Oh well, never one to turn down an opportunity I obviously have snapped up the chance….

Just had another quick check and campaign open up to 39%… whoooo… to celebrate with the day nurse and Strepsils….

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