Writing for clients

Content writing for our clients.

One of the hardest marketing tasks can be producing content for client’s websites, blogs and email campaigns.  Marketers are not generally experts on all industries but we can be called upon to write like experts for clients.

In the last week we have written press releases, blogs, web pages and email content for everything from employment law to vacuum cleaners. Our clients are very happy which is great news – but it got me to thinking, what makes a good writer who can easily adapt to any subject and produce content that can appear in a multitude of places? My article about ethical twitter

A blog is generally more conversational than an article which would aim to provide key information or put across a clear range of points.  A press release will need to be in a certain format to be accepted by many newspapers or magazines and would need to be newsworthy and well written.  A webpage is a key element for search engine optimisation and needs to drive the reader to perform an action e.g. sign up, email or call.

Then there is content like auto-replies and email. Making these engaging, pushing a subject line that will convert to a click and being memorable are all points that need to be achieved here. I often will save email campaigns sent to me that I have clicked on, then when I have time I will return to these to see what triggered the click. It can be quite insightful – if you do this for all content that your read then you will soon begin to build up a list of those trigger words and phrases, the play on curiosity or emotion.

There is so much more to content writing than just pouring a load of key facts out on the page.  For now I keep learning and improving for my clients benefit….

.if you would like to find out more then call 07443 902432

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