Where do I start with a marketing strategy?

Lets start at the very beginning – a very good place to start!

One of the most basic things that I ask a prospect is if they have a marketing strategy and the majority say “no”.  This is either because they haven’t had time or usually don’t know where to start.  If you have not written a strategy before it can be a bit daunting but the most basic would be –

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How do we get you there?

The same as with any journey you need to know where you are going – but also where you are starting from, it is hard to measure success without this data.  Then a route can be planned.  It may be that you have a few options for routes that depend on budget, resources or other factors during the implementation stage.

To work out how you are going to get there you will need to think about the channels and resources that you have available.  This could be social media as the channel and a social media marketer as the resource.  Or your website as the channel and a content writer as the resource.   The real skill in any strategy is the breakdown of the campaign and the ideas being used.  Please note that this does not mean huge budgets and resources.

Let’s take a quick look at the recent Range Rover campaign as a classic example of what can be achieved with a can of spray paint and a clever idea.

It was the effect of the powerful statement that achieved the goal which might have looked something like this – ‘Get coverage across all media of our new Range rover model’.

The campaign saw the car appear across all National newspapers, National and international digital news channels as well as flooding the social media channels.  It was a truly viral campaign.

Another lesson to be take note of here is that the marketing company or marketer responsible did not need any in depth knowledge of the product or any technical knowledge – it was purely a very inspired idea by a team that played on the human characteristics of sharing, spreading the word and the implications of the message – shock that someone had sprayed this all over an expensive Range Rover.

So whatever your resources and budget make a start and record your goals, then a simple plan to execute and achieve them – voila you have a marketing strategy in place.  Time to implement.


If you would like any assistance with your marketing strategy then drop me a call or connect on social –  +44 (0)7443 902432 or Twitter @aldridgemiranda

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