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Trials of running a marketing company

Find a way out of technical issues...

17th September 2014 – Trials of Tech.

Having got going early, due to the long to do list and a couple of deadlines to meet, the day started pretty well.  Starting pulling the reports together for a client that we had done a week of PR for and they were looking good.  7 online magazines and website had published, one organisation had sent out the details in their newsletter and we had a great endorsement online from a National organisation.  Client’s goals ticked off and they are happy.

Calls to accountant, then adding the business card to pay for the website hosting – oh no, ‘unable to validate the card’ – what!  Call bank, “no problem with the card Mrs Aldridge”, back to the hosting company, dig and delve for the support email which always seems to be hidden in some far flung place that you need a degree in IT to find!!!  Support request sent.

Next it was time to login to give an update to a Men’s fashion brand that is having a launch in a couple of weeks with their new line of street wear, only problem is it will not allow me to login, frustrating.

Okay so I move on after requesting resetting of usernames… let’s put together the email ideas for another client who works in the Property arena, some brilliant and exciting copy (she says blowing her own trumpet!) put together ready to send to a test list and see what works and what does not, drop it over to client – but no! computer says no!,  Chrome will not let me send an email with attachments, so try Gmail, no luck their either….. Firefox – nope!  Cleared all the cache on everything and try again…. Yippee.

Back to chrome to now reset the password from the support query earlier – Chrome will not open…. Well here we go again.  Shut down computer, reload computer, still not working, uninstall the programs I added yesterday that were supposed to save me time…. Still not working… run the control panel trouble-shooter…. 20 mins later the long green line has not moved past 15% – cancel that and try to open Chrome.. works fine……

Some days it seems that everything is working against you.  Total of about 3 hours trying to fix the laptop and problems with various programs and tasks I needed to do.

These were just the low points of the day, I was certainly cheered up by the new client phone calls, one looks like a very interesting longer term affiliation with a grant funded organisation that has a need for our customer relationship consultancy.

Go team Invincipeople….


A great free resource for your website

A great resource to check for problems with your website :



Gamification – Is it business that should be doing more for young workers?

Gamification is all about using solutions that aim to increase productivity, moral and participation by making work into a game.  Business owners may think this is the wrong thing to do and that young people should realise that the workplace is not a place for games – but what if it really does work?, what if it does engage younger workers and produce that air of competition to encourage increased productivity?

In recent times Schools have been critised for being overly competitive with many even making sports day with prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd a thing of the past, instead opting for the “certificate of participation”.  Is this why we now have young people who have lost that competitive nature, the will to better themselves and progress?  Is it the schools that are responsible for our lack luster teenagers that feel they should not be made to work long hours or do physical work and menial tasks?

My feeling is that the word “Reward” is at the heart of the problem, many Schools and workplaces do not place enough emphasis on the rewards, these should be small and regular.  Think about “Gaming”, children happily spend hours addicted to their Xbox or Playstation as it offers those rewards – you have completed the level, completed 75% of the game, been awarded a upgrade, the list goes on – the rewards keep coming.

So what can business learn from this?  No one works for no reward, we would not work for no money, no pat on the back or progression through the ranks.  Maybe the workforce has forgotten that “humans” thrive on reward, the young person much more so than the mature person.  Gamification offers to put the reward back into the workforce, if employees feel part of the overall plan and can see the fruits of their labour on a daily basis then they are more inclined to spend time concentrating on the task, going that extra mile to achieve a goal or ask for help when needed.

So lets embrace young workers, offer them the tools to reward their work, be more positive and rewarding with our words and not blame our schools, parents or government for the state of our young workforce.