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Writing for clients

Content writing for our clients.

One of the hardest marketing tasks can be producing content for client’s websites, blogs and email campaigns.  Marketers are not generally experts on all industries but we can be called upon to write like experts for clients.

In the last week we have written press releases, blogs, web pages and email content for everything from employment law to vacuum cleaners. Our clients are very happy which is great news – but it got me to thinking, what makes a good writer who can easily adapt to any subject and produce content that can appear in a multitude of places? My article about ethical twitter

A blog is generally more conversational than an article which would aim to provide key information or put across a clear range of points.  A press release will need to be in a certain format to be accepted by many newspapers or magazines and would need to be newsworthy and well written.  A webpage is a key element for search engine optimisation and needs to drive the reader to perform an action e.g. sign up, email or call.

Then there is content like auto-replies and email. Making these engaging, pushing a subject line that will convert to a click and being memorable are all points that need to be achieved here. I often will save email campaigns sent to me that I have clicked on, then when I have time I will return to these to see what triggered the click. It can be quite insightful – if you do this for all content that your read then you will soon begin to build up a list of those trigger words and phrases, the play on curiosity or emotion.

There is so much more to content writing than just pouring a load of key facts out on the page.  For now I keep learning and improving for my clients benefit….

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Really… you mean send by post??

Enquiries and snail mail.

One of the joys of working in marketing is the array of businesses you get to know all about, I feel I could hold some intelligent and knowledgeable conversations at dinner parties now on a range of subjects from Thermal imaging to Employment law.  New enquiries heighten my sense of curiosity and being able to delve into the inner workings of a company and see how they run things gives me great insight in how to make the most of my own business.

Constantly learning brings such freshness to your campaigns too, discovering a new tool is one of those exciting moments, I love to click on every option available and see just what can be achieved. Then when you realise it can only do half of what you would like it to do you have a sense of disappointment, do the founders not realise that their tool could be so much better?  Have you noticed that the ‘all in one’ tools are never able to the individual things as well as one tool designed specifically for the job?  So I guess this leads me on to….Send by post?

A quick rant….Running a paper free business and working from home I feel I do my bit with regards to reducing carbon emissions so why do people still insist on having paper copies of documents being sent to them by snail mail?  I have even resisted replacing the broken printer/copier/scanner in favour of photographing documents and sending by email if a paper copy has arrived in the post.  Echosign is fantastic for getting contracts and proposals electronically signed off.  Oh well, looks like I am off to the post box – at least I can multi task and walk the dog at the same time…


Trials of running a marketing company 2

19th September 2014

System Restore….

Okay so computer problems still persist….. No choice but to restore the laptop to a previous version.  Now I about it there does seem to be a correlation of the problems appearing after installing the latest Windows update, it did take forever which is usually a sign that something is afoot!

Set up to restore to before the update…. Oh no! Now we have thunder and lightning… phew the battery has enough charge to see it through the system restore.  That was a hairy moment, I could just see it crashing the whole system and that would be it, computer frazzled!

All done and seems to be working fine now, yes I can access Google Chrome, my Dropbox and everything.  All systems go….

Call from my business partner on Skype and guess what? Unable to answer on the laptop so we have a conversation with no screen share. Just pants.  What a week.

Good note – I have just sent our PR campaign report for a client in Ireland.  A week campaign that saw his press release published all over the industry press online as well as included in a National newsletter.  Some great engagement built on social as well as relationships started. Sounds like he is impressed and wants to use us for more work coming up.  Such a nice feeling to achieve a client’s goal.

Next on the ‘to do list’ (Karen you are a star and keep me so organised) is a client marketing strategy for the next 3 months.   Immediately we notice a huge problem with their sales funnel – it has a great big stopper half way down that is not going to help with selling anything no matter how good the marketing plan is.  Also they have no analytics installed anywhere, not sure how they were able to tell where people are coming from and what is working.

Never mind – Invincipeople to the rescue.


Trials of running a marketing company

Find a way out of technical issues...

17th September 2014 – Trials of Tech.

Having got going early, due to the long to do list and a couple of deadlines to meet, the day started pretty well.  Starting pulling the reports together for a client that we had done a week of PR for and they were looking good.  7 online magazines and website had published, one organisation had sent out the details in their newsletter and we had a great endorsement online from a National organisation.  Client’s goals ticked off and they are happy.

Calls to accountant, then adding the business card to pay for the website hosting – oh no, ‘unable to validate the card’ – what!  Call bank, “no problem with the card Mrs Aldridge”, back to the hosting company, dig and delve for the support email which always seems to be hidden in some far flung place that you need a degree in IT to find!!!  Support request sent.

Next it was time to login to give an update to a Men’s fashion brand that is having a launch in a couple of weeks with their new line of street wear, only problem is it will not allow me to login, frustrating.

Okay so I move on after requesting resetting of usernames… let’s put together the email ideas for another client who works in the Property arena, some brilliant and exciting copy (she says blowing her own trumpet!) put together ready to send to a test list and see what works and what does not, drop it over to client – but no! computer says no!,  Chrome will not let me send an email with attachments, so try Gmail, no luck their either….. Firefox – nope!  Cleared all the cache on everything and try again…. Yippee.

Back to chrome to now reset the password from the support query earlier – Chrome will not open…. Well here we go again.  Shut down computer, reload computer, still not working, uninstall the programs I added yesterday that were supposed to save me time…. Still not working… run the control panel trouble-shooter…. 20 mins later the long green line has not moved past 15% – cancel that and try to open Chrome.. works fine……

Some days it seems that everything is working against you.  Total of about 3 hours trying to fix the laptop and problems with various programs and tasks I needed to do.

These were just the low points of the day, I was certainly cheered up by the new client phone calls, one looks like a very interesting longer term affiliation with a grant funded organisation that has a need for our customer relationship consultancy.

Go team Invincipeople….


A great free resource for your website

A great resource to check for problems with your website :




Inspiration for young workers

Each day i speak to people who seem stuck in a rut.  They list all the reasons that their career has not taken off or they are not able to progress with life.  I was one of those children who really did not know what i wanted to do when i left school.  There was no plan or strategy, no wild dreams or goals.  Life seemed a bit pointless and had no clear direction.

I seemed to try different things and set myself some goals that were then quashed because i either did not have the experience or i made costly mistakes.  Being young was a decisive drawback, but in hindsight i am so glad i was able to experience the range of jobs and experiences that i did.

Early work experience when young does surpress the entrepenuer in people. It is like the class system but worse, young workers are made to feel useless, they do not have the skills or experience to be of use to a company, but times are changing.  With internet technology and a social market place the young generation are coming into their own.  Companies now need young workers who have their fingers on the pulse of what is hot and trending to market their brand. Employers are looking for “out of the box” workers not “highly qualified and 20yrs experience”.  The young people are taking over the business world, now more than ever they are being taken seriously as top business developers.

I urge young people to start their own businesses, find a mentor and explore their business ideas.