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London bound….

Meetings in the big city…

Yesterday was one of my regular visits to London to meet prospects and clients.  This is always a great adventure as there is so much to see and take in – very different from the rolling valleys and peaceful serenity in Dorset.

The one thing I do enjoy is the train journey – it gives you a chance to read and catch up on work without other distractions.  My first meeting was in Regent Street, such a fantastic part of London, everything is very grand and the shopping amazing, focusing on the task at hand and equipped with a lot of research on the Association I was meeting I enter the building.  Piccadilly, Regents street, London

Such lovely people and a great meeting, it is always hard to pre-empt the type of questions you will be asked, I try to put myself in my clients shoes, what do they want to achieve? How do I think we could get them there?  What options are there? Are there any other ideas that might have not been considered?  What could be tried and experimented with?  Are there technologies that will help?  So many questions and a lengthy discussion follow, it seemed to go well.

Off to Chelsea next to see a high end furniture designer, a multitude of tubes to get to the right stop but then a stunning area to explore by Chelsea harbour – modern design butted against old refurbished brick workhouses that towered up in the sky by the banks of the river. Another great meeting and lots of scope for the company to grow, very exciting for them.

Next mission was to find the right tube back to Clapham – what an experience, it was like stepping back in time – the station had an antiquated system to let you know which train was approaching, it was basically a sign showing a list of destinations and an arrow just pointed to the one that the approaching train was going to, not quite the technology used at the bigger stations. Oh well, found the right one in the end….On the journey home I reflected on the people watching I had been doing and marvelled at how many different nationalities I had encountered – our country and market really is truly global now.  I then received a call back from my first meeting – they would like to work with us. Fantastic news.  A quick call to Karen my business partner to let her know (she was holding fort and minding children) then home for a celebratory glass of wine and a catch up with the family.  A perfect end to the day.